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  1. Rhys Young

    hey Sophie, my name is Rhys Young, i dunno if u remember me but i went to school with u in yr 7 at McDonald college, i was watching a movie about a month ago on foxtel, Beautiful Kate, and i knew there was something familiar about you but when i saw the credits it all clicked, i just wanted to congratulate you on an excellent performance that you did :) i found it really inspiring that someone i know is a movie star, it must be an un-explainable buzz you get when you see yourself on tv, then i found this website and u have done a few movies and short films, you are well and truly on the right track to end up in big blockbuster films.
    Once again congratulations and cant wait to see you in more films

  2. Doug Smith

    I have only recently learned that Sophie Lowe has indeed landed a role in the new series “Once, Wonderland” A principal role at that. While I have full confidence in Sophie as an actor I do worry about the standard of storyline and dialogue such shows often contain. Obviously every effort is made to maintain a high quality of production. Often such effort tends to fall on it’s own sword into the inane and banal. Full kudos to Sophie anyway.

  3. Doug Smith

    Read recently about “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland” being cancelled in only one season. Unfortunately Australia hasn’t seen it yet so I can’t comment on it as a show. However I do hope this is just the beginning of Sophie’s entrance into the Hollywood scene. Perhaps it won’t be too long before we see her back on Australian screens.


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